Friday, April 18, 2008


I always liked cartoon when I was little. Nowadays either I don't have time or I don't have anything cool to look at. No offense, but I don't like any of the shows that are aired on CN, I guess I''ve gotten used to The Justice League, Batman of the Future, Dexter (the old episodes), Tom & Jerry and so on. I know that what CN Romania broadcasts is different from what is being broadcasted in the US so the shows may still be aired there. In any case, even if I see an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, It will probably be one that I have seen 100 times and even If I like CCD, I'll change the channel because I'm bored (not to mention that new episodes of these shows are rare, but not inexistent. I don't get why CN Romania doesn't broadcast them more often).

Ok, that being said about CN, I should focus my attention on the subject that this post is about, and namely animes. I started with Dragon Ball Z a year ago, but unfortunately after the first 200 or so episodes, things kind of get predictable, also the thing that bothered me was Goku's continuous evolution, becoming stronger and stronger until the producers just couldn't give him more special powers. Sure he was probably 1000 times faster the speed of light, he could have destroyed the whole galaxy if he wanted and managed to be as agile as a cat overdosed on RedBull while carrying 1000Kg weight on each of his hands and feet, but there were no great leaps such as when he learned to fly as a child or when he almost defeated Tien in the Tournament of Martial Arts also back when he was a kid. Furthermore, the sagas tended to follow a pattern:
He goes someplace, all is nice and fun;
  • A few hints that something bad is about to happen occur;
  • Then a little situation turn when a bad guy is revealed but not the boss;
  • After heroically defeating the bad guy, Goku (or the main character in that saga) starts to battle the boss (such as Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Buu, ...)
  • The boss is at first stronger that the main character but then he becomes weak in comparison either because the main character receives help or because the somehow power-ups
  • The boss seems to be defeated, but then reappears stronger
  • The final blow is usually not delivered by the main character (Vegeta, Cell)
  • The next saga begins and the cycle starts again...
After DBZ, I started watching Kiddy Grade and Full Metal Panic, they were both pretty cool and also opened the door to anime watching. Next came Naruto
Naruto was probably the best anime until then, imo it exceeded DBZ it had it all, action it was funny, the adventures were different and didn't follow the saga pattern saw on DBZ unfortunately, I stopped watching after the 110th episode or so (the time when Naruto has to save a guy that was participating in a race for his village; that guy was also the smaller brother of the first tester Naruto faced at the exams, the one with scars on his scalp and which tested the information-gathering abilities of the students). The fact that I was watching 4-5 episodes per day lowered my appetite, so here a note to remember: if you have 100 episodes from a show, don't watch them in 3 weeks, you'll get tired; even though it's hard not to watch 3-4 per day, try to restrain yourself, you will be more curious to find out what happens in the next episode if you watch one per day.

Currently I'm viewing DeathNote and.. what can I say, it is not bad; I like it due to the psychological battle between Light and L. it's like watching 2 chess champions battle: you see how good the move was only after it has been made, until that you're thinking of completely different strategies, but once one of the players makes a move you suddenly realize that that was the best one.

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