Saturday, May 10, 2008 is fake

Just as the title suggests, the PTC (paid to click) site, is a SCAM. I just hope this post is listed by google, so that people will know not to fall for this 'get ritch slow' fraud. I came to this conclusion after wating for 2 months for my money in vain. You can read in my previous post about so I'm not going to repeat myself. It is true that they managed to trick me, but that was also due to the way the actualy work:

Let's say you're a guy who has a site and wants to promote it because you don't have too much money, you choose as your advertiser insead of someone serious like google with adsense. In any case, you choose to give 19.10$ per 1000 member visits. If you do the math, you will start to get suspicious... That is because, 1910cents / 1000 members equals 1.91 cents per member, at a first glance it might seem ok, considering pays 1 cent per click for nonpremium members and 1.25 for premium ones. However, what happens when a reffered person clicks? let's say they are all non-premium (this is because pays them less). If a person who is reffered to another one clicks and ad, then it will recieve 1 cent and the refferer an aditional cent. That means that for each reffered click actualy pays 2 cents. Well how on earth can you pay 2 cents if you only have 1.91. That means that either alot of people are unreffered, however this doesn't result from the forum posting in which people talk about buying 100 refferal packs.
Now you may say that even though there are people who buy 100/500 refferal packs, there a few, and that there are a lot more persons who find out about this site on the net, and are unreffered. Ok, you're wright, that isn't a strong argument against, but consider this: why is encourageing *so much* reffering when it reality it actualy causes losses, what's does gain if it's users have many refferals? And it pays 2 cents to nonpremium members, but for premium ones it pays 2.5, sure the increase doesn't seem too big, but in reality is 25% more and consider that you have 100 premium members, reffered to another premium one, that's 59$ (2.5 cents payied per click - 1.91 budget per click) that has to pay from... from where actualy?
The answer is not from the money that is being paid for refferals, because the usualy turn out profits after a couple of weeks (ok, let's not be greedy and say months). Still, after a month those refferals will start generating losses so more money will have to be fed to You might think that many people after a number of click stop. Trust me, that is only temporary. Suppose you get your money, are you going to keep it a secret? No, of course not! You're probably going to tell every body that is real and that it pays, and they will start clicking again.

Speaking of getting your money, the thing that led me to believe that was real was the clams of various people that said that it actualy paied (don't think I haven't searched for ' scam' or ' fake', but in spite of some claims of people not getting their money, there were others that said "it was the real deal"). I found out later that this is a tipical strategy: pay some, and those people will advertise you. Then, when someone sees their claim, they will tend to ignore all of the other evidence (this is a psihological thing, because actualy, you WANT for to be real, and you will look for any evidence supporting that claim, and ignore the rest).

I hope I haven't bored you, because as I'm writing this, I'm really starting to fall asleep so I hope you find this more interesting that me at this time.
Continuing with more suspitious things about, consider the lack of ads, around 15 per day and most of which are ACTUALY FROM THE SITE ITSELF. This is very peculiar, because even though has some losses as seen in my previous paragraphs, it pays you to view ads, but doesn't recieve any money for them, unless people who post on the forums saing "wow, I just got my 5123$ thank you so much", which I doubt. Speaking of forums, I don't know if you surfed them... there is a dedicated section for success stories, now I don't see that in serious buisnesses, like rentacoder or adsense. It's like a cheap comercial (you see some guy saying that he uses the shampoo for 10 years and has never got a speck of dandroff, when actualy he was taken of the streets (to keep the average-citizen look) and paied 5 bucks to say that). Also regarding the forums, if you haven't been cursed on a forum, try to post something like
title: I haven't got paied
contents: I have been waiting for 2 months for my money and I haven't recieved them yet
a moderator will suggest you get a ticket and send your complaint to the contact department.
after some time, post will apear with people saying that you are a !@#$ and a !@#$%^ because you haven't done that already, and that " is the best ^-^"
you might think that the complainer is me, no, I haven't posted on the forums, but I've seen how other people are humiliated if they do that.

Woha.. I wrote alot tonight, and I'm getting tired so I guess I'll end this article.
There are other things that should make you suspicious about, but in any case, if you decide you might get somehow lucky (although unlikeable), all I can say is DON'T give them your money, because you will regret it.

That was all folks, hope you enjoyed the article (or at least is wansn't too boring).

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