Monday, May 12, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

Hello everybody, I've installed Ubuntu 8.04 last night and now I'm writing this post from w3m (just in case you haven't heard of it, it is a fully functional, text-based browser). You're probably thinking "wow, he installed hardy heron and now he's got video-driver issues", or "I knew 8.04 wasn't stable, guess this guy didn't".
The truth is, I have my GnomeDE running the gnome-terminal from which I'm writing, so.. no, I didn't crashed my system, or at least not my nvidia driver, the graphics work fine. But then, why am I using w3m and not Firefox? Again, you may thing "FF3.05b is rubbish, was better" and again I say, no, that is not correct. FF3.05b works fine, almost. It has a small glitch regarding sound in flash and some nspluginwrapper crashes (although, I've gotten used to those by now).
So.. why am I using w3m anyway? It is because I want to install Debian, not only that, I want to go minimal, that means no windows (as in little boxes that appear on your screen, which can be moved, resized and most importantly are made of jelly (thanks to compizfusion of course)), no buggy Y! protocols that fail when trying to send a 1KB file, or that have problems even when trying to send an avatar to Y!'s servers, no icon lying on the desktop that is entitled "Dofus" (Dofus is a MMORPG, and I started playing it about 2-3 weeks ago, but because I'm f2p (free to play), I can't advance in level, so, until I buy a premium account, I'll have to stick with a lower level (which of course, sucks)) and 100% pure Linux thrills.

OK, enough introduction.
My first impression on Hardy was "hmm they did a nice job on this one", and I was actually surprised when Flash and more importantly Java worked on Firefox 3, right -out-of-the-box-. I think I got java to work on 7.10 but only once. I never succeeded in doing that again, guess I'm not out of the noob status yet. Next, some of the stand-out features were:
- the tracker (even though I stopped it back in 7.10)
- new burning software: Brasero. It's quite simple and clean, plus it supports multi-sessioning. I haven't tried to see if I can burn files larger that 4GB
- Firefox of course, with all nspluginwrapper and java working right out of the box. My only problem is sound in flash (although I think this problem has deeper roots). In terms of memory... so, so. With no tabs open it consumes about 23MB, the problem is, that as soon as I play 2 videos on youtube (5 minutes in total), the memory usage cilmbs to 58MB.
- 3d windows in compizfusion
- and a new little program called Hardware test (hwtest-gtk)

The only issue I have so far is the sound not working properly, Rhythmbox works, while Skype doesn't...
Oh, I didn't mention but I have upgraded to Ubuntu Hardy Heron from my previous Fiesty Fawn. This wasn't a clean install, that would have hopefully gone without problems.

In any case, I'm now backing up my system and tomorrow, as I've said, I will install Debian Etch with no X and enjoy the pure Linux experience.

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