Saturday, November 15, 2008

I picked a lock.. sort of :D

Just like the title says, this evening I managed to pick a lock... This probably doesn't have any informational value to you, however since it's a pretty neat achievement, I thought it would be best if I wrote it down here.
Using instructions found on the Internet (starting with, I opened an old pin tumbler lock (an Yale lock). The procedure was simple, I just applied some pressure to the Tumbler, and then drove a needle in and out stroking the pins until the were correctly aligned. I didn't do any text-book lock-picking, meaning that I didn't tried to find out what pin was opposing, and then tried to push it down and then move on to the next one opposing, I pushed the pins randomly. Now you might think that it was a freak occurrence. However, the interesting part is that I managed to open the lock twice. Of course it could have been just luck :)
By the way, in the title I mentioned 'sort of', it's because normally I would have had to apply pressure using a flathead screwdriver, however, since I'm a newb at lock0picking, I cheated a little and pressed directly on the part that goes into the door, in a real lock-picking situation this would be impossible since it implies that the door is opened...
In any case, I didn't knew it was this easy, my next move will probably be to purchase a simpler lock (Yales are used on almost any outside door so they aren't the easiest locks to pick), and try to actually pick it, instead of relying on lady luck.

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IonuČ› Jula. said...

# cool approach, however, i'd be thrilled to develop a pressure-applier *gadget* ; sort of a laser-driven device, that would auto-determine the distance, applying the correct translation inside the lock. p.s. nice one.