Sunday, September 16, 2012

Qyoto - C# bindings for Qt installation

I have recently taken an interest in C# and have been looking for a GUI toolkit to use. For development, I use MonoDevelop under Kubuntu. There are a few options, the three major ones seem to be Gtk#, Winforms and Qyoto. For me, Qyoto seems like a very good option especially since I have bit of a background using Qt with C++.

I haven't seen a lot of documentation online and if there is, it's a bit outdated. Therefore I have decided to write down my experience with the latest version it.

First of all I would recommend checking out the project's webpage on kde techbased:

Now for installing, I strongly recommend you install both Qyoto AND Smoke (one of it's deps) from source. I've had problems trying to compile Qyoto using Ubuntu's packaged version of Smoke - so make sure that it's uninstalled first. You can download the git repos from here:
First install smokegen, then smokeqt and finally install assemblygen (from If you're unfamiliar with cmake, read below.

All of them use cmake so the build procedure is the same.
To install for example smokegen, clone the git repo (source) and then:
cd smokegen
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../
// if cmake complains about deps, install them (qt4, phonon, mono, etc) and rerun cmake ../)
make install

If all has gone well, launch MonoDevelop, create a new Empty C# Project and add the qyoto-qtcore and qyoto-qtgui references. You'll notice that are many more, but for now these will suffice. Now the fun can begin.

Remember that the Main(String[]) function should look like:
new QApplication();
(new MainWindow()).Show(); // this is the custom class

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